Today Is the Day

The storage area should be finished today, and I can move on with my life and get back to a more normal schedule on my days off. Some friends helped me by renting a truck to move the final boxes of books. On Wednesday, I plan to go to my local writers meeting and read. Wednesday will be my first day to resume my schedule. Today I still have to sort some more books. I will probably continue sorting and working on them 1-2 of my days off. The week is still going to be fairly cold. I was hoping for warm days so I could work some in the garden.

I have a lot of miniature iris budded up and a couple open, but nothing on the tall iris yet. They look good and are growing tall. Irises are another of my hobbies. I grow others, too, but iris are my special passion. I think they will do alright in the cold weather this week. They can tolerate a lot. The leaves look the healthiest they have looked in a long time.

I have thought about involving my iris in a mysteries series. Another historical series, of course. I have several books planned besides the Lincoln book I am currently working on. which will be part of a series. So far, I have a novella and the current novel in the Abraham Lincoln Mystery series. I’m hoping both will be available online this year. The novella can be found in an online anthology called, Murder They Wrote edited by Judy Lynn. There are several books or sets with the same name so you have to be sure to get the one edited by Judi Lynn.

Then I’m hoping to do a couple of stand alone historical novels on subjects I enjoy that I hope others will enjoy, too. More about those in the future. Today I finish up in the storage area!

Published by dpreisig

Dawn was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Fort Wayne at the age of nine. As an adult, she lived off and on in Denver, Colorado. She went to college at Purdue Indiana University and works fulltime as a Nurse Practioner. She has two grown sons and two grandsons. She loves history, travel, writing, gardening, painting, any kind of creative arts.

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