Revisiting New Year’s Goals

We’re nearing the end of the second month of the year. If you haven’t looked at your New Year’s goal to check your progress, now might be a good time. I have been looking at mine periodically on my days off work. If you remember, I had set a timeline for accomplishing them. I’m fallingContinue reading “Revisiting New Year’s Goals”

To Outline or Not: That is the Question

No two writers are the same, nor any two stories. When I was a young writer, this question was asked a lot and people usually stood firmly on one side or the other. The pro side was you knew where you were going and were more likely to finish your project. The con side wasContinue reading “To Outline or Not: That is the Question”

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

We’re a few days away from Lincoln’s official birthday. Other than in a few locations, his birthday passes unnoticed by most of us. Lincoln lived a long time ago in another age, but the things he did with his life still matter today. Lincoln’s childhood was spent in my home state of Indiana. His familyContinue reading “Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday”