My Birthday

It’s been a rough start to my week off. The last of the three elderly cats I had was put to sleep on Tuesday, my first day off. It was very sad but for the best. I still have the two young cats that I got when the first of the elderly cats died. Hope and Faith still have some training to do with socialization but they are coming along.

I was only able to spend a couple of hours that day in the storage area. Yesterday I put in a long time on it and made good progress. It has been taking up so much of my time that it is difficult to get the other maintenance items accomplished. I’m having to do a few of them a day. Like on Tuesday I got my car registered and the sticker put on. I have been doing laundry and hope to finish that today. It is time to begin working in the garden. I need to put down stuff to kill the iris borers.

To celebrate my birthday, I’m getting my hair done today. Then this evening a friend is taking me to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Paula’s on Main. I did get a small amount of writing done and was hoping to do some more this week. I’m hoping my luck this week improves and get some free time. It’s been hard working so many hours on the storage unit but it’s important to get it cleaned out and save the money.

I will I was writing and thinking more about Lincoln.

Published by dpreisig

Dawn was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Fort Wayne at the age of nine. As an adult, she lived off and on in Denver, Colorado. She went to college at Purdue Indiana University and works fulltime as a Nurse Practioner. She has two grown sons and two grandsons. She loves history, travel, writing, gardening, painting, any kind of creative arts.

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