Snow is Coming Again

They are predicting more snow for us tomorrow. That will slow the garden down some, for which I’m grateful. This month is moving along too fast. I can’t keep up. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. I want to finish the storage area by the end of the month because I will need to work in the garden in April and my attention will be even more divided. I struggle to juggle all my projects. My living room and kitchen are filled with art and collectible toys. I have sold some of the toys and that is good.

The Oscars are on Sunday and I plan to watch with my friends. I’m not as prepared as usual, but I’ve watched some good films. The most recent are “The Fabelmans” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Like books, movies have always been a big part of my life. They require less effort and commitment than reading. I can fall asleep doing either, though. I’ll be rooting for my favorites on Sunday, but have to go to work the next day. Ugh.

Maybe it will be a blizzard. In my profession, you are expected to go into work even in a blizzard. There are no snow days.

Did you know there was exactly a Judge Lawless? He was a judge in Missouri who sided in favor of mob violence. Yes, that was his real name. He said that if the majority of people didn’t want you to do something, then you shouldn’t. The majority were, of course, represented by the mob. So, he said if the mob didn’t want Lovejoy to print abolitionist material and the editor continued to do so, the mob had a right to destroy his printing press, his home, and even to kill him. They could do this to any person to whom they objected. These times were a test for freedom of the press. We decided then as a nation whether uphold individual rights or those of the mob. For quite some time, it looked s though the mob would win….

Published by dpreisig

Dawn was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, and moved to Fort Wayne at the age of nine. As an adult, she lived off and on in Denver, Colorado. She went to college at Purdue Indiana University and works fulltime as a Nurse Practioner. She has two grown sons and two grandsons. She loves history, travel, writing, gardening, painting, any kind of creative arts.

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